The Aspen and Tree Series lamps, key elements at a Munich Art Gallery exhibition

The German designer Werner Aisslinger, a regular collaborator with B.lux, is the man behind the "House of Wonders" exhibition at Munich's Modern Art Gallery. The exhibit features a recreation of a utopian, three-dimensional home space evoking futuristic ideas about living.

The Aspen and Tree Series lamps, both designed by Werner Aisslinger for the manufacturer B.lux, are present in this futuristic space that Aisslinger evokes. In it digital applications form part of and dominate everyday life. Life in the "House of Wonders" is characterised by its symbiosis of life and work, a collage of archetypes and high-tech objects, whose different elements have been arranged in a cheerful and colourful way. Such is the case with the Aspen collection of lamps by B.lux, which at the exhibition feature some original and bold finishes.

In addition to devising lamps for B.lux, Werner Aisslinger designs living and work spaces. His designs are characterised by aspects such as their sustainability, upcycling and innovative materials. The "House of Wonders" exhibition will run until September 17, 2017 at the Modern Art Museum in Munich, one of the premier Art, Architecture and Design museums in the 20th and 21st centuries.