Commissioned by B.lux, Stone Designs devises the C_Ball, a collection of decorative, timeless and functional designer lamps

The image of a solar system and the orbits generated by their planets were the inspiration for Madrid’s Stone Designs when it came to designing the C_Ball collection of decorative lamps for the B.lux brand. Comprised of a floor lamp, one table version, and two suspension models, the C_Ball carries over from the original concept the system's functionality, allowing the prescriber to create almost any lighting solution he chooses.

The C_Ball consists of a sphere of opal glass measuring 15 cm across, with metal parts in matte brass or black varnish. This is a family of lamps halfway between classic and contemporary, that are timeless, functional and elegant. "It is an exquisitely clean collection, where particular importance was assigned to the details, one that makes us dream of distant worlds, like those imagined by Julio Verne to write his novels," said Cutu Matazuelos and Eva Prego, creative talents at Stone Designs.

The C_Ball is not the first collaborative creation yielded by Stone Designs and B.lux, as they have worked together on other lamp collections, such as the Scout, Ireland, A3-A4 and Castle. The C_Ball was presented at the Milan Design Week 2017 and forms part of the collection of decorative lamps by B.lux, a Basque manufacturer of designer lighting since 1980.