B.lux turns the C_Ball collection of decorative lamps into a ceiling and wall lighting system

The image of a solar system and its orbiting planets was the inspiration behind Stone Designs’ creation of the C_Ball lamp collection for B.lux. Initially manufactured as decorative floor, table, suspension and wall lamps, the Madrid-based studio has expanded the collection by creating the C_Ball System. It’s a ceiling and wall lighting system that inherits its function from the original concept, and that can be used as a foundation for almost any solution demanded by the client.

Based on a tubular design, the C-Ball System allows placing the light spheres typical of this collection in those spaces where lighting is needed. A connection system allows C_Ball to span volumes by resting on the wall and ceiling. This unique feature is suitable for all types of projects, like the one executed in 2016 at the Hotel Jardines de Nivaria in Tenerife.

In both the system and the decorative floor, table, suspension and wall lamps, C_Ball consists of a blown glass opal sphere 15 centimetres in diameter. The result is a family of lamps somewhere between the classic and contemporary, while also timeless, functional and elegant.

The collection of C_Ball lamps was presented at the Milan Design Week in 2017, the same year that it was introduced into the lighting catalogue of B.lux, the Basque manufacturer of designer lamps since 1980.