B.lux presents new finishes and light sources for its Anvil System

The extruded aluminium profile of the Anvil lighting system comes in two new finishes. On top of the black and white, two high-quality finishes are now available, namely, natural oak and high-shine aluminium. The wood profile is combined with matte white metal finishes, bringing warmth to this architectural lighting system. The high-shine, polished aluminium profile offers a luxurious look when combined with the matte black of the metal components.

In addition to being offered in new finishes, the Anvil System is also expanding its portfolio of light sources with new elements, like a suspended spotlight (LED Spot S) or a white, opal glass sphere that can be suspended from the rail (Sphere S) or attached to it (Sphere C). This is in addition to the existing light sources: continuous LED lighting modules with an opal diffuser (LED Line), LED modules consisting of two or four spots (LED Module), and LED spotlights (LED Spotlight). Another new feature is the anti-glare shields marketed with the spotlights, which are intended to improve visual comfort.

These new elements offer greater versatility to this architectural lighting system by enhancing it with new proportions and scales, making it suitable for both residential and community projects. The Anvil System was designed in 2015 by David Abad for B.lux, which has been manufacturing contemporary designer lamps in the Basque Country since 1980.