B.lux and Stone Designs light up the Hotel Jardines de Nivaria in Tenerife

The Stone Designs studio was tasked with remodelling the Hotel Jardines de Nivaria in Tenerife, along with the ImpulsARQ studio and designer lamp manufacturer B.lux. The remodelling project is focused on upgrading the suites at the hotel, two restaurants, the spa and common areas while adhering to the style that represents the DNA of the Adrián Hoteles brand.

The work began with the remodelling of the suites, which involved creating a series of elements that will serve to unify the rest of the project. In terms of the lighting, Stone Designs created a suspension lamp consisting of a glass sphere of 15 centimetres in diameter and framed in a metal structure to light the nightstands. The lamp is part of the C_Ball collection, designed in 2015 for this hotel project and featured in the B.lux catalogue of designer lamps since 2016.

For the common areas, Stone Designs and B.lux opted for multiple suspension lamps comprising vertical and horizontal structures with a larger diameter (30 centimetres) glass light sphere. The idea was for these multiple C_Ball lamps to make use of the existing points of light while at the same time adapting to the layout of the space to illuminate it throughout. This version is the basis of the C_Ball lighting system that, with a smaller sphere, has also been included in the 2018 B.lux catalogue.

In addition to the different C_Ball formats and versions, the Hotel Jardines de Nivaria also features other B.lux lamps in its remodelled facilities, such as the Speers suspension lamps, a David Abad design, Overlay by Tim Brauns and Ireland, also created by Stone Designs. B.lux also manufactures the lighted mirrors for the bathrooms in the suites, which follow the same design lines as the C_Ball lamp collection.

B.lux had already taken part previously in lighting the Hotel Jardines de Nivaria. It was during the remodelling that took place in 2002, overseen by designer Miguel Ángel Ciganda. B.lux manufactures contemporary lamps for home and public use, and has been active in the Basque Country since 1980.