B.lux and Stone Designs light up Coca-Cola’s headquarters in Madrid

A new collaborative effort between the lamp manufacturer B.lux and the Stone Designs Studio has lit up the cafeteria at Coca-Cola headquarters in Madrid. Reflecting the spirit of the brand was the aim of Stone Designs on this new interior design and lighting project, in which bright, cheerful colors predominate, along with fine materials, including wood.

The lamps installed, the suspension models the Castle and Scout, respect the same premises. The Castle is a circular lamp allowing for the assembly of multiple units, resulting in original shapes. For this project natural oak finishings and Coca-Cola's corporate red were chosen. The tables are also illuminated with the Scout, an adjustable suspension lamp in a red finish. Both lamps make it possible to concentrate light and stand out for their efficiency, as they are equipped with LED technology.

The result is a space boasting lighting of the highest quality, producing a relaxed and cozy atmosphere in which users feel right at home. Both the Castle and Scout lamps belong to the decorative lighting catalogue of B.lux, a manufacturer of contemporary designer lamps since 1980, located in the Basque Country.