David Abad

A direct-light ceiling lamp crafted in aluminum and available in several finishes: matte grey, satin black, or in a natural oak finish. Each with an opal polycarbonate diffuser. Available in fluorescent or LED versions. Other finishes and dimmer version on request.

839450U MARC C70 (1L) LED GREY

LED 10,2W 1768lm 450mA

3000K CRI≥90 110-110-277V

A++ 3.3 LED
839451U MARC C70 (1L) LED WHITE
839452U MARC C70 (1L) LED BLACK
839453U MARC C70 (1L) LED OAK
839450DU MARC C70 (1L) LED DIM GREY 1-10V
839451DU MARC C70 (1L) LED DIM WHITE 1-10V
839452DU MARC C70 (1L) LED DIM BLACK 1-10V
839453DU MARC C70 (1L) LED DIM OAK 1-10V
839460U MARC C130 (1L) LED GREY

LED 20,5W 3536lm 450mA

3000K CRI≥90 110-277V

A++ 5.1 LED
839461U MARC C130 (1L) LED WHITE
839462U MARC C130 (1L) LED BLACK
839463U MARC C130 (1L) LED OAK
839460DU MARC C130 (1L) LED DIM GREY 1-10V
839461DU MARC C130 (1L) LED DIM WHITE 1-10V
839462DU MARC C130 (1L) LED DIM BLACK 1-10V
839463DU MARC C130 (1L) LED DIM OAK 1-10V
839470U MARC C160 (1L) LED GREY

LED 25,4W 4420lm 450mA

3000K CRI≥90 110-277V

A++ 7.2 LED
839471U MARC C160 (1L) LED WHITE
839472U MARC C160 (1L) LED BLACK
839473U MARC C160 (1L) LED OAK
839470DU MARC C160 (1L) LED DIM GREY 1-10V
839471DU MARC C160 (1L) LED DIM WHITE 1-10V
839472DU MARC C160 (1L) LED DIM BLACK 1-10V
839473DU MARC C160 (1L) LED DIM OAK 1-10V
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