F17 / F40
Werner Aisslinger, 2014

Floor lamp with a dual aluminum shade and indirect (F17) and direct (F40) light. Available in several matte lacquer finishes, providing multiple variations: grey, snow, lemon, mango, clear turquoise, and aqua, and now featuring new finishes like merlot, rose, sea, river and limestone. Center ring in black finish. Black structure and cable.  

LED F17: LED 11W (E26)
Fluo F17: Fluo/CFL max. 23W (E26)
E27 F17: Inc. max. 70W (E26)
LED F40: LED 3 x 11W (E26)
Fluo F40: Fluo/CFL 3 x max. 23W (E26)
E27 F40: Inc. 3 x max. 70W (E26)
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  • EAC
  • CUL